Say Goodbye to Nasal Congestion 👋 with Baby Beanz™ Electric Baby Aspirator

Say Goodbye to Nasal Congestion 👋 with Baby Beanz™ Electric Baby Aspirator

Say Goodbye to Nasal Congestion 👋 with Baby Beanz™ Electric Baby Aspirator

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Blocked Noses Are A Thing Of The Past

Introducing Baby Beanz™ Baby Aspirator, specially designed to gently remove unwanted mucus from your baby's little noses. Easy to use and provides relief from nasal congestion in no time at all! So gentle it can be used on newborns,  they won't feel a thing! 
✔ Gentle enough for newborns - Safe for newborns while still powerful enough to suck all snot out in seconds. Have peace mind about your baby’s good night of sleep.  
✔ Fast relief from stuffy noses - Quickly and gently remove stubborn mucus while not harming your baby's delicate sinuses   

✔ Anti-backflow design - prevents the mucus from flowing back into the nose, which can happen with manual aspirators. 



Say Goodbye To Nasal Congestion! 👋

Cleaning your baby's nose can be a very difficult task. Manual tools are not effective at getting all the mucus out. This can cause Distress & Discomfort to your baby, disturbing their sleep and daily comfort! BabyBeanz™ Nasal Aspirator is designed to gently and effectively help your little one's nasal congestion. Our Nasal Aspirator is a stress free solution and keeps your baby's nose nice and clean.

Nasal Aspirator Features:


  • Gives Baby Relief To Sleep Better During The Night! 
  • Made with Safe BPA-Free and Medical Grade Materials 
  • Unblocks Nasal Passage
  • Very Gentle To The Nose
  • Strong Suction- Safe for Newborns- max 65kPa
  • Easy to Clean
  • Simple One Button Design- Easy to Use

How To Use

1. Before use, soak the suction nozzle and reservoir tank in warm salt water for 10 minutes to disinfect.

2. Choose an appropriate nose tip. After assembly, turn on the power button and choose a comfortable strength, then you can use.

3. Before using in baby’s nose, it’s better to use it on your arm to get familiar with the mode and settings, and feel the strength of suction, so as not to scare your baby or hurt your baby.

4. For the safety of your baby’s nose and health, please clean and disinfect it promptly after using.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this loud when it's sucking? Just wondering if the noise could scare an infant or toddler while in use.

A: The working aspirator does produce some noise. It is not loud at all, similar to the noise level of an electric toothbrush. We recommend that you introduce the aspirator to your child by using it on yourself or your child's toys. To damper the noise from the working aspirator to a humming sound you can close the air hole on top of the device with your thumb. Just make sure the mucus cup is not 100% full when you close the air hole. You can also wrap it in a cloth or baby blanket to muffle the sound.

Q: Is this product easy to clean?

A:Yes, very easy to clean. the mucous holder clear plastic comes off and can be washed and sanitized after each use.

Q: Can I wash washable pieces in the dishwasher?

A:We recommend washing them with hot or warm water and a brush with soap. The pieces are not dishwasher safe.



Package Includes: 

  • 1x Nasal Aspirator Device
  • 2x Suction Nozzles
  • 1x USB Cable

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    Say Goodbye to Nasal Congestion and Sleepless Nights with Baby Beanz™ Nasal Aspirator!


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